The 4 stage hypnotic protocol

Okay, this is it. We’re about to begin the process of learning about hypnosis itself! Now, the history of hypnosis is ancient, but it’s only in recent, modern times, in the 1880s, that hypnosis walked out of the ‘Dark Ages’ of mysticism, and we began to look at it in a more scientific way. A man called James Braid took the old style of and ‘Mesmerism’ and studied it. And he found out that it wasn’t some magnetic magical fluid that was doing all the work; it was actually language and suggestion, and certain thoughts and ideas. Now he’s the one who first came up with the term ‘hypnosis’ and, because when people were in a hypnotic state, he noticed that they were sort of sleepy and drowsy, and it looked very much like they were in a sleep-like state.

Here’s why Google like to find the best possible solution to a search query

Google is trying to be like a big net that gets cast out and brings back the best possible answers for the solution. So if you want to rank for online guitar lessons but don’t have something on the  page for acoustic guitar lessons, online electric guitar lessons, etc what does that tell Google? That you’re page is very narrow and it only applies to one search.  So you want to have one page that is about an entire topic. If a person types in online guitar lessons they could be looking for acoustic guitar lessons or electric guitar lessons and Google knows this and that’s why when someone does a search Google brings up a page that has the best chance of answering everything.

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